Monday, April 9, 2007


Posted by Picasa5" x 7" Oil $150.
First, why the name Funbun you may ask? Well
I had a dear friend whose family played a game
of hiding a well-loved stuffed rabbit in the
suitcase of whoever in that family was about to
go traveling. They'd end up in some foreign place
with this beat-up bunny for company.
Now of course this is not THAT rabbit. It is a little
Chinese fellow with that incredible turquoise glaze.
It actually has a broken ear that I glued on after it
had been sitting in a cabinet of my parents waiting
in vain for repair. I almost painted the messy glue
job I did, but then I decided to restore him to his
former glory via my paintbrush.
Sorry he didn't make it to this blog yesterday,
just in time for Easter!

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