Monday, October 1, 2007

Work in progress-Stage 2

Posted by PicasaIt is the tones of the scene that are most
challenging. However, getting the color of the
sand that is not grey, not brown but a sort of
taupe has been interesting. I confess to using
Gamblin's medium Portland grey with raw umber.
That pretty much nailed it. Now for more work
on the water and perhaps another pass over the
pale sky, some details in the sand ripples and
it will be done! At this point, I consider it about
half done because the small stuff takes as long
as the overall big stuff.

1 comment:

emm said...

Once again, Lynne, you nailed the water! I feel like I could jump in! I like the moodiness of the fog also, something I miss from when we lived in Pacific Grove, CA.