Friday, November 23, 2007

O Beauteous Moon

An artist's eye never rests. So last
night, after having a lovely T-Day
with friends, I went to bed. Got up
around 4, looked out the window and
there, through the newly bare branches,
was the moon shining its light on the
lake. You cannot see the lake in summer
as it is a tree-house effect here. So I
look forward to this sight.
I went back to bed, and then
started thinking about how it would
be to do a painting of such a scene with
beauty, but oh so little light in it. Hmmm,
where is my camera? I scanned the house
and low and behold I recalled it was just in
the next room, not in the far reaches. I
got it and propped it on the window sash
and there you have the best result I got.

1 comment:

Michael Naples said...

I got up at 3:30 to do some crazy shopping and noticed some casted shadows from the bushes in my backyard. I'm thinking it's the middle of the night, what could be casting shadows now. I leaned over and saw how bright the moon was. It made the stars extra bright as well. A beautiful sight.