Friday, June 20, 2008

Clothesline vine

My dad was a professional photographer. His
excellent eye gave me the education to develop
one too. I only hope it is half as good as his.
At dinnertime, when I was growing up, my dad
would often bring photos he had taken for one
of his fascinating jobs. He would explain why he
composed the shot the way he did. It was a
painless education in composition. And of course
I saw his countless photographs and slides over the
years and barely realized just how much I was
learning in the most wonderful of ways ~ by
When I started teaching art, I realized that
while I understood composition, having absorbed
it all those many years, I had to actually knuckle
down and pull together a way to teach my students
what it is ~
the heart of any piece of artwork ~ good composition.
Thanks Dad!

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