Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Show Hanging Day!

I have rarely tried to post
more than one or two photos
at a time, but I wanted to share
these with you of hanging my
current show at Frederick
Cellars winery, a wonderful place in Frederick, Maryland.

The first photo is of my assistant Julie and my friend
Linda who came to help me. Linda is our Art League's
gal who directs all those show hangings, so she knows
what she is doing in choosing and placing things that
look good together.

Here I am putting the labels on
a few paintings. The portrait in
this photo is a giclee (print) I had
made of a recent commission.

Linda and Julie getting the hook
on the painting wire!

Isn't this looking easy? They
do the work and I take the bow!
Well, I will take credit for doing
a LOT of paintings and new
work for this show. Do go to
if you want to know how to find this place!

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