Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Next stage of the guitarist

So now I've got some background in place, though
I'm not sure it really helps the painting all that
much. I may paint it out and just let the man
and his music 'stand' alone! This painting is on
an 18" x 24" panel. I've used Mars Violet in the
background. It is an interesting rosy brown that
seems to harmonize with the colors he is wearing.
I really like the blue of his shirt in contrast to
the other colors.
Let me know what you think of it. I always
appreciate people posting their comments here.


Leslie Bishop said...

He's looking very nice! I think the background gives it a nice context, especially if you can keep it relatively 'unimportant' and less developed so it doesn't compete with the focal point. (This is sheer projection, of course, since that's an area where I always seem to struggle.... ) I love the blue shirt as well - it sings!

Lynne said...

Thanks Leslie! Wait til you see what I've done with it on the next post! AND my friend is coming over this week to show me the guitar again up close..and he will see this portrait for the first time in person!