Monday, December 20, 2010

Up close and beautiful

This candle sat on my porch this summer. It was really hot
for several months and it began to sag with all that heat.
I brought it in when the season changed and it just sat on
my counter for a long time until I began my holiday decorating.
I love flickering friendliness of candles and so I looked at this
one again. Inside the bent over column was what you see here,
something quite beautiful. Rather like a cave with wonderful
This candle means even more to me than its recently discovered
beauty. It was one of two tall columns that were at my parents
memorial service some years ago. My sister and I each took one
after the service was over. I decided to keep using it and it is
yet another way that I remember all they were to me which was
as good as it gets.
Merry Christmas. Light a candle.

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