Thursday, March 12, 2009

My local art group

Twenty-six years ago I founded this group, The Art
League of Germantown (
I am thrilled that it has continued to thrive. We now
have 79 members and as you see from the photo here,
we have great attendance at our meetings. This
beautiful room is the art gallery at the
BlackRock Center for the Arts
At this recent meeting we had what we call
"Show and Tell". We do it regularly and it is a
wonderful way to keep each other up to date on
what we are doing. It provides us with a sort of
accountability and motivation to continue to
produce new work. It is always a great pleasure
to see the new pieces members are working on.
This group remains a very large part of my life. I
started it because I was new in the community all those
years ago and wanted to have other artists in the area
to share with. I also had the intention to help artists as
I care so deeply about us all and I want us to do well
and stick to our dreams.
Please look at the website for our group which is the
first one in this post. Then you can visit the site of
our wonderful art center that opened here 6 years
ago. Our group and the center are partners in many
wonderful and productive ways. How great is that!


ArtsyLynne said...

oh WOW, now I know why your name and artwork is so familiar to me! What a wonderful group you started. That is a great attendance.
I'm local but not "down the street" so I've received calls for entry and/or show announcements from your league in email and/or snail mail. I'm on the other side of the beltway involved in art leagues closer to home, but I plan to keep up on your calendar and take a jaunt out to a show and meet you in person. I knew of you long before blogs...well, blogs for adults, not teen "spaces." :D

Lynne said...

Hi Lynne,
Thank you for your comments! From what you wrote, I assume you actually have attended a show of ours in order to be on the mailing list and get announcements! Next show is in November. We are in recess now for the summer months as usual.
LOVE the doggie on your blog...wonderfully done with so much expression!