Sunday, October 17, 2010

Small painting of gate

I'm hoping to dazzle you all with my many small
paintings for my upcoming show at my studio!
I did this subject years ago in watercolor. I recently
looked at the photo and fell in love with it all
over again. It was fun to do it with oil/alkyd paint
and to use a painting knife for some of the effects
on the gate posts. The color subtleties are quite
challenging, but interesting.
(The spelling of 'subtleties' is the same!)
Remember you can click on the image to see the
Again, this is a 5" x 7" panel and I think I have to
call it "Williamsburg gate". Any other ideas?

1 comment:

Lori Puente said...

You've done some nice pieces here Lynne! So I think you should do one a week so you have 50 next year! :) Don't you just love it when we ride you? Its just because we want MORE! :)