Monday, October 18, 2010

Small painting of small child!

Thank you all for sending me your
wonderful email comments about
these small paintings. I really appreciate
it very much. Now to get you to comment
ON the blog itself! Please! Help!
This darling child was listening to
music not far from her parents.
It was a lovely setting at Longwood
Gardens on a perfect summer day.
I love her little chubby hand on the
stone wall and her fuzzy fine hair
which her mom had in a sort of up-do!
5" x 7" Oil painting on panel.


Anonymous said...

Love your small paintings! Can't wait to see them "in person"!
The butterfly and the little girl are especially charming. -- Linda T.

petemz said...

Lynne, this little painting is beautiful. The way the child's head stands out from the dark upper background and the green grass foreground compliment the child's blue and white outfit perfectly. Great job! Pete