Monday, December 10, 2007

He Just Keeps Growing!

Posted by PicasaI just returned this painting
(having varnished it) to the owners
who commissioned it last year. This
young fellow sits proudly in front of
his image, but he is so much bigger now!
His mom commented on how much
brighter the colors look with the varnish
applied (Gamvar - the same varnish
used by the National Gallery of Art
in Washington, D.C.)
I got to hear this young man, not quite
six years old, play the piano very nicely.
Wow, I was impressed. Then he told me
about work he'd seen at the National
Gallery on a field trip, artist's names and
all. Very impressive.
Sorry about the flash marring one's view
of the was really a 'grab shot'
as my photographer Dad used to say.

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