Friday, December 21, 2007


I've been noting my artist friends who have
been 'tagged'. How neat is this?! So I got
tagged and then didn't do anything about it.
But for some reason, I am having deja vu about
this...did I already post this? Hmmmmm.
Well here goes with 5 little-known things about

1. I have a poster of Marilyn Monroe (the one
smelling Chanel #5) on the wall of my garage
next to the American flag that once flew from
the back of my Dad's boat, the one he had when
I was a child.

2. I get my collection of phaleonopsis orchids to
rebloom for me (mostly) and my prize one is now
four feet tall and blooming. Two years ago I counted
40 flowers and buds on it!

3. I really don't care about chocolate.

4. When I was a teen, I was at a church retreat
in New England and skated on black ice. You could
see all the way to the bottom, scary and amazing!

5. Art was my first boyfriend. (Make what you like
of this one.)

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