Saturday, March 29, 2008

Razzle Dazzle

Well I hope you all liked the slide show.
I got a lot of good comments on them, especially
the last one of me at work. I am shown working on
a banner, one of seven that I have been doing for
a small private school where I taught art quite some
years ago. To show oneself at work was a tip
from Alyson at and you see
I took it to heart! She said that people like to
see artists doing what they do. The stars were
extra, but really, when I'm in the Zone, it can
sorta feel like that.
I have been painting a lot lately. Getting
ready for upcoming shows and needing more works
that have similar subjects to hang together.
So this is a sort of 'filling in' of what I
already like to do.
I'll post more progress pictures soon. I am
painting nearly every day now.
Wow, that is really something for me. I am
liking it very much. Think about my new ideas
'night and day'....spread my wings and fly away.
Oh wait a minute, that song has already been written.

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