Monday, April 14, 2008


For my son's birthday this year I
decided to make a card for each
year of his life. I've had great fun
doing it and each card gave me
inspiration for the next one. This
is one of them where I took something
I had in my boxes of collage material
and wrapped it around the cardstock.
Then I put the personal message on
top and inside is a statement of his
purpose as he told it to me. I am also
leaving that untold as that is up to him
to spread around the internet!
I have used gold and silver inks,
photos of my Dad's, collage pieces of
watercolor paintings that my Mom did
and cut up for later use. Now that they
are no longer here, I have used bits and
pieces of the creative work of their lives
to send on to their grandson, my dear son.
Maybe he'll consider this post as yet another
card of sorts!

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