Sunday, April 20, 2008

One for me - Last Stage (almost)

It will take some close looking to see what other
little touches I've added. This is not a test however!
I may yet do more, like the too-dark window that
needs some lightening so it isn't such a 'hole' in the
painting! Otherwise, it is pretty much done.
After I do a painting and have taken it as far as
I can, I will leave it for a while and then review it
to see if I still consider it fully done. If I do make any
changes, they are never big ones. I have learned
over the years how to work in such a way as to never
have to do any drastic changes. I pass on these
trade secrets to my students!


Patricia said...

It's great to see this lovely painting grow to completion. Congratulations, and great luck with your show!

Lynne said...

Hey Pat, thank you. I am needing to post the last incarnation of this painting. I did a little tweaking and then hung it out to dry!
Still in preparations for the show.
This one, however, is for me and my own 'collection' as it is my childhood home.