Friday, April 4, 2008

Almost done!

This wonderful tea set has been an unfolding
discovery journey. Everytime I go back in on
it, I discover yet more subtle reflections. I am
very amazed at the reflection splayed across the
wall behind the entire set. The window that is out
of sight on the left is pouring sunshine onto this
tray of silver. My parents had a beautiful tea and
coffee set on a silver tray. I can remember them
using it for company when I was growing up. Now
the idea of polishing silver is pretty much over.
Painting this set has brought back some very nice
memories and I hope it will do the same for the
future owners of this painting!


matthew said...

Nice work (again) you really captured the essence of light, as difficult as it is, with the reflective quality in the silver set. I was curious about the lamp base, is it one of those organic tree imitations? It's hard to tell from the photo.
Great work!

Lynne said...

Hi Matthew,
The base of the lamp is virtually non-existent in the photo I am working from. I stayed at this b and b just one night and grabbed a few shots in the morning before I left. The contrast of the very brightly lit areas 'drowned out' the dark area. For now, I have put something in there, but will have to see if, in the end, that works.
Thanks for your great comments!