Sunday, February 24, 2008

Checking it out

What, you may wonder, is this? Well it is the result of the program I am doing for which I wrote the poem. I went to check out a possible place (that is not a formal gallery) to show some work. I liked the idea of this coffee/cafe, and also that this place is surrounded by LOTS of new homes that must have LOTS of blank walls. I am also VERY glad to have seen that it is an orange wall! So later in the week I will take a couple of paintings there and hang them up!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Poem

Making it

or A poem for artists
Dedicated by Lynne Oakes to her new friends
February 19, 2008

Coming through woods
We arrive.

The wide sparkling stream rushes past
With beauty and indifference – like Life.

Choices are made to start across,
Going from rock to rock.
Each one intent on making his way.
Nearing mid-way, caution sets in.
We seek out the stable ones
Teetering on the little ones, but moving forward,
Always moving forward.

A flat boulder near the halfway point
Is especially large and does not move
As we land.
We congratulate ourselves
On our good fortune
dry pant legs.

Newly arrived, we stand there mute,
looking around.
Bright waters whirl swiftly the way
water does, moving past with
debris and delights – like Life.

Safely in this place for only a while
We grin smugly at our wisdom in
Choosing this sturdy place.
Let the waters swirl!
A secure place together.
A rock! A solid sun-warmed rock
Sprinkled with the treasure of each other
And glittering mica.

Blessed with a moment both magical
And temporary, we rest here.
It is but a small oasis in the rush of life.
We gaze outward on the scene,
on each other.
We laugh because we made it this far with no real damage!
And then soon we must assess and decide
Which way to go, which path to follow to make it
Each one choosing their best way.

But just now, we stand here in this safe place
Gathering our wits, sharing our space
Wishing all to be successful in
Naigating the rest of the way.

We set off.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Artist Breakthrough

Well friends, I have just had my first session
on the phone with 12 other a program
called Artist Breakthrough with Alyson Stanfield
of It was so good and so
fabulous to be hearing from other artists that are
all over the US and a few abroad. This is a great
service that Alyson is doing and I highly recommend
her site and services. I am writing a poem that came
to me in the early hours this morning.
It is all about the experience. Maybe I'll post it when
it's done.

Friday, February 15, 2008

In progress

This is the first day's color work on this
piece. A few hours of juggling to balance
the tones and general colors back and forth.
Figures are very rough and are the last
thing I work on. I am loving that sky and
the golden quality over the landscape in the
late autumn day. This is a commission as
you might realize.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Color Chart - extreme detail!

So am I in love with this chart? Probably!
Here is the close up which shows my
key for each brand that I have in my
arsenal of paints. So now I'm done
showing off with this. Hope it has some
interest for others of you who have
bought so many tubes of paint that you
barely know what you have collected
over the years. Much less donations
made to your collection from the inventory
of expired painters whose offspring know
you are an artist and would like to have
them. Then there is Craig's list where
I had the good fortune to find a great
deal on Old Holland paints and well,
OK. The end.

Color Chart detail

Come up closer now and look at this
delicious set of colors! The pleasure of
taking color after color straight out of
the tube is really quite a different matter
than painting and mixing colors. Just
the pure stuff!
Be SURE to click on the image because
the color and detail is really neat to see!

Color Chart #2

So today I photographed my latest chart
outdoors so it would be a clearer and more
accurate representation. I spent about
12 hours on this and it is really satisfying
to work with the pure color right out of
the tube. As I said, I did this for someone
who wants to trade for a wonderful chair!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Banner #3

Here is the banner in the series I have
been designing and painting for the
private school where I used to teach
art. They are celebrating their 30th
anniversary and so this series is
being hung outside on supports that
were built by one of the parents.
This is a wonderful school, K - 12
that is in Springfield, Virginia.
Chesapeake Academy.