Monday, July 28, 2008

Waiting for wine!

This glass of remarkable reflections is
an 18 x 24 painting I have underway.
It is on a panel and the glass itself is
9" x 12". I did that in order to really
have those reflections show up! And it
is way more fun to paint it. I took this
shot just before wine was served at you see the reflections on
the inner concave section of the glass
and the outer convex side facing the
window. Looks like European buildings,
but it is actually one of our more
wonderfully preserved towns of
Frederick, Maryland.
Oh yes, and this is about mid-way in
the process. It's not done yet!

Happy Birthday Batik!

This batik is very special for a number of reasons.
First, it is a gift for my sister's birthday which is actually
tomorrow. Second, it was done by my very dear friend,
Dikki Van Helsland. She is an excellent batik artist.
Third, it is of our childhood home, and one in which
my parents lived for most of their married life, some
63 years. I hope you like it as much as my sister does
and I do! Click on the image to see it bigger. There
is embellishment with acrylic and colored pencil for
fine details.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New work at stage #2

This is the first rough-in stage for the paint.
I have, at this point, worked on it for two
sessions. Now I can see what I want to
emphasize and what to downplay to get
the effect I want from this scene. I have
altered elements from the photos such
as the empty chair position (would you
like to join her?) and simplified the
background content.

All is a supporting cast to the vibrant
young lady taking a break. I am finding
this a very interesting color combination.
I am referring to the strong colors.
Any ideas for a title?

New work #1

Back to the easel after a LOT of other
stuff going on. This work is 24" x 36"
and this is how I start my work that has
a lot in it. I will do small works by just
painting in what I want to start, but when
there are a lot of part, angles, etc. I make
a drawing of it. In this case, of course,
I am not working from 'life'. It is a
composite from a number of photos I
took from a restaurant window, looking
down across the street at this relaxing
scene. Let me know how you like it!
I am a teacher at heart, so I like you
to see how I work!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Over the top!

I'm running out of superlatives for the skies I've
been seeing around here. How's this one for ya?
Sorry about the wires, but I didn't want to crop
any of it out.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

More inspiration

I love the unposed shots of people doing what is
pleasurable, such as going out to eat in a place
with lots of atmosphere. This is the Olney Ale
House which has been there for many years.
You may see a version of this shot appear in
paint eventually!

ART started this friendship!

This photo is a memento of a passage of life.
Here the two of us have just finished a farewell
dinner. My dear friend of over 20 years, Lori Puente,
is moving across the country in just a matter of a week
or two.
We first met at a festival in the town we both lived
in then. I was demonstrating my art, and she wanted
art lessons. She took them and in those initial days
of contact, we became fast friends. Now she has
grown children and she and her husband are going
west where he has a new job and they will have many
new challenges to meet. I have total certainty that
all of them will be met with her amazing ablility. It
just will be hard to know I can't pop in the car and
drive over to see her.

Cloud perfection!

I am a cloud lover and one day last week was just
amazing around here. The atmosphere was quite
clear and so these fabulous formations were really
visible in all their tonal variations.
I was trying to drive and see all this sky spectacle
at the same time....not such a good practice for sure!
I pulled over a few times and just took photos to my
heart's content.


And again I give you glorious mother nature on
a major cloud day. This was a week or so ago, and
then again today it was just crazy gorgeous in the
sky. We've had so much rain that the visibility to
clearly see the clouds edges has been great. I may
post some of the pics I took today leaning out of my
car window.
One funny thing is that as I waited at a light today,
a guy was next to me on his motorcycle. I stuck
my camera out the window to capture yet another
cloud formation. He posed for me! But that wasn't
the shot I got. Too bad, and then the light changed
and he rode off, leaving me in the dust!!!
Click on this image to see it bigger!

The front of the Frederick Cellars Winery

Before too much time passes since my June show
at this great place, I am posting this photo of the
front of the winery. This building was constructed
in 1904 as an ice house!


Driving in the truly beautiful summer
countryside here in Maryland is inspiration
for my work. Lately I have been doing
more driving out and about and there
have been some truly gorgeous vistas.
Fortunately it is not far from my over-built
town to get out into the county. Here is
what I saw on my way to another winery
that could be a possible place for my work.