Saturday, February 28, 2009

Art and Humor

OK folks, I just had to veer off of the usual
sorts of things I post here. So I thought I
would go for a chuckle. I think that if I were
working in three dimensions, I would want
to bring a sense of humor to the pieces, such
as this one does! To create something that
makes a person smile is a true gift. This surely
gives me a smile! Hope it does the same for

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sister Artists

My sister and I are both artists. She creates beautiful
jewelry in gold and silver and all sorts of stones both
precious and semi-precious. We were together last
week as she was headed south for some time out from
her intense workshop and show schedule. She and
her husband wanted some warm weather time!
So here we are working on something I could share
with her. She asked me about color wheel information
as she has started doing some colored pencil drawings
for the pure enjoyment of it. It was fun to be together
and be photographed from above by her husband,
obviously a higher power!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Reader input please!

Hello! Would you all comment on what you think of the black background on this blog? I like how it makes the art look, and I have no trouble reading the white on black text. BUT the subject of black backgrounds has come up lately and I'd like to hear from any and all of you in regard to the ease or difficulty of reading the text.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


When I started this blog I was doing small works on a daily basis.
Then I found that I wasn't doing my larger paintings and so the whole
thing wound down to a trickle of little pieces until I stopped doing them
But then the blog started taking off in new directions. Now I just find it
confusing and maybe you do too! So I now have two new blogs so I can
use this one for my own artist's journey and art work, and the other two
will speak for themselves. They are new as of today, so if you scroll down
you'll see them on the right side of this blog. Take a look!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Paint from a palette or table top?

I have a new blog where you can find painting tips

about various things I have discovered over the years.

It is really not meant to be a "how to paint" blog, but one
where you can find things to refine what you are doing,
or at least shorten the path and have it go more easily!