Monday, January 18, 2010

More 2010 Affirmation Cards

Here are the next four cards. If you click on them

you can see them bigger! Be sure you look at the
previous post for the first four cards I did.
I had fun decorating them to match what I wrote.
Let's see how they can work for me!

I actually use the word 'postulate' instead of

affirmation. But it's the same thing. You put it

out there, you "post" what you want and then it

comes to you IF YOU DON'T COUNTER IT!

That is the hardest part to learn. Don't put out

counter postulates on what you want. See?!!!

Some of my 2010 Affirmation Cards

These are four out of the eleven cards I made
for my Blast Off Course I am doing with about
80 other artists through Alyson Stanfield at I have them on my desk
here and I go through them each day. It makes
me happy to read them because they are all
things of importance and pleasure to my life.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Preparing for 2010

What is this all about you may ask? Well I am
taking a wonderful course called "Blast Off"
from Alyson Stanfield of
What you see at the top is my Vision Board with
about a dozen key areas of my life as an artist
represented with photos I clipped from magazines.
I put two close up so you could see them better.
I am having a soul-searching wonderful time.
Stay tuned, this is only Day 3 of the course!