Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working it out

So what are you looking at here? The laying out
of what will become an oriental carpet in my painting
commission. What you see at the top are the tails of
two cats who were close buddies. And if you look
closely you will see the outline of their shadows.
This is an intriguing assignment and I will soon post
the latest version. I have done a lot since this photo
was taken, but there is still quite a ways to go. It
is challenging to do the layers of work to get the
carpet perspective, then the carpet painted, then
the shadow done over say nothing of the cats

The other cat commission all done!

If you scroll down to a May 3rd posting, you will see the sketch
for these two buddies. Originally it was to have been 11" x 14"
but it worked out to be better at 9" x 12". I loved doing the fur
on the tiger stripped cat, and the paw and pink pads of the
other snuggle bunny (kitty!).
Let me know what you think. And maybe you'll have me
paint one of your beloved companions!