Sunday, May 24, 2009

The last step

Here is what we artists must do after
the piece is completed. Photograph it
for our records and for using in our
promotion materials.

Some of us may be qualified to do a
professional job of it, but here you see
that I am having it done by a professional
instead of doing it myself.

It can be shot indoors with special
color-keyed lights, or in this case, using
the natural spectrum of daylight.

I must say that as a painter, I have
long felt that when I had completed a
work, I was DONE! But there are more
things that one has to consider before one
is truly DONE! This is one of them, and
getting it sold is the next!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tearoom painting in progress

As you see, I've developed a lot more of this piece
since the previous post. There is a 'feeling' I'm
after in this painting that is what the magic is all
about in art. It is the reason I like original art
on my walls instead of prints. I can feel the magic
from the artist imbedded in the paint. And to my
way of thinking, in a print, you only get the physical
image, not the soul of that artist shared with you
through a magical vibration coming off the paper
or canvas.
There is still LOTS to do with this painting before
it is done.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Tearoom" in progress

This is the current state of this painting. You can
see that I have scrubbed thin layers of paint as
I am working out the tones and subtle colors of
this piece. It is always very interesting to see if
what I have been cooking up in my head actually
appears on canvas. So far so good. Stay tuned!

Completed Portrait

This is the completed and accepted portrait.
When one paints for others, and most especially
when it is a portrait, it is a joint affair. One must
please oneself in terms of one's art goals for the
work, but also one must meet what is wanted
by those who commission you to paint. When
both or all parties are satisfied, it is the most
wonderful thing to be an artist.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cat painting nearly done!

Several posts back, I showed you the sketch on

canvas for this painting. Since then I worked on

it at a demonstration I gave a few weeks ago.

She needs a bit more tweaking with whiskers

added and some attention to the pillow, but then

that is it! What shall I call it? "Here's looking

at you"?!

Portrait close to completion

There is a point when I know I am
almost done with my work. All is now
in place for the final elements which
bring the entire work where I wanted
it to go from the beginning.
This is rather like the last movement
of a symphony when you hear the
various parts of the orchestra bringing
the melody to a crescendo, building to
that point of total focus and feeling.

The sketch and story of 'Tearoom' painting

I have had this painting in my head for a long time.
I took some shots of this tearoom a couple of years
ago and have not been able to get it out of my mind
because of the atmosphere of the place and the
lighting. And because it has in it a sort of timeless
feeling of all the ladies who ever shopped taking time
to sit with each other and chat and share some
delicious sweets while resting their feet!
The photographs are not great, but they serve
me just enough for me to invent what I want it
to be. We'll see how it goes.
It is a rather large painting. I will have to check
the dimensions...but I think it is 28 x 32 or so.
Bigger than the recent ones I have been doing.
Also, the settee at the back just grabbed me as it
was the most unique little piece with wood carved-
inserts. It had as much presence as the people,
maybe more!