Friday, May 22, 2009

Tearoom painting in progress

As you see, I've developed a lot more of this piece
since the previous post. There is a 'feeling' I'm
after in this painting that is what the magic is all
about in art. It is the reason I like original art
on my walls instead of prints. I can feel the magic
from the artist imbedded in the paint. And to my
way of thinking, in a print, you only get the physical
image, not the soul of that artist shared with you
through a magical vibration coming off the paper
or canvas.
There is still LOTS to do with this painting before
it is done.


Don Gray said...

A great start on this painting, Lynne--it's shaping up nicely with a sense of luminous light. Nice portraits too--the cat and the girl both!

Emm said...

You are a magical person and it shows up in your paintings!