Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Small paintings continued

I am on a tear to get as many done as I
can for my upcoming show. This is my
fabulous hanging system developed by a
former studio assistant. These strips of
wood can be hung from the molding. They
have velcro on them and then I have put
a bit of velcro on the back of each painting
and voila!

If you click on the image, you can see the
paintings bigger!

My target is to get 30 new ones done. I
have 24 done or in progress, so I'm good!
These are 5" x 7" on panels and are done
in alkyd paint which dries overnight. I leave
them to dry longer and then apply varnish.
The two photos are of the same thing, the
first one with a flash and the next one without!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Small paintings underway again

Apparently my last post was not working to show the photo, so
now you get two to look at!

I'm doing these 5" x 7" panel paintings in a group, working on one
for a while and then the next and the next. I have about a dozen
of them going now and it is really fun.

I tape the gessoed boards to a matboard a little larger than the
panel and that pretty much keeps my fingers out of the paint!
I draw the images on with a Papermate Sharpwriter. It keeps
the lines very nice and thin. Then I spray with fixative so I can
still see the image under the early thin coats of oil paint.

There'll be more, so stay tuned!