Sunday, September 30, 2007

Work in progress

Posted by PicasaOil 28" 32"(I think) and not yet for sale!
If you have followed my early small paintings
on this blog, then you will recognize this scene.
I so loved this view of the Pacific Ocean that I had
to paint this larger. Now it is 28" x 32" instead of
5' x 7". The trouble is that now I want to paint the
scene even larger!
The fun of it is that it takes me back to the beauty
of that day on the beach with my son's girlfriend.
Windy and sunny and wild, it was late October and
people were actually sunbathing!
I will post the update on this painting as it develops.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Artist's Life - What it is

First I admit to being influenced to consider this subject and
share it with all of you. My friend at
is my inspiration on this, and she got hers from yet another
artist-blogger. I so love the grand influence we have on each
other as artists.
My artist's life begins in the mornings with me coming into
my office with my bedhead and smeared mascara. BUT what I
get to look at on a sunny day as my computer boots up is the sparkle
of prisms moving all over my walls which are red and yellow- shades
of those colors very carefully chosed to energize me when I am doing
the dreaded UN-artistic paper work that never ends. I have a solar
powered crystal that turns when the sun shines in my window and
the walls are a moving delight of colors. Sometimes I imagine there
could be a planet with OTHER colors than what we have, but then
my brain explodes with the effort of imagining that and I stop.
Basically, I look for what is beautiful. I look for it ALL THE TIME.
That is my point of view. I see it everywhere because it IS
everywhere. Of course one has to have that realization in order
to see it.
Last night, on the way back from picking up paintings I had in
a show, the moon was out and nearly full. OOOOOOOOOOOH.
Glorious moon. On the way over to the place, the moon was in a
twilight sky that was a delicate barely-blue fading into rose, then
grey at the horizon. Then as I returned home, it was just this big
ivory mottled face of the moon in the dark sky. Beautiful.
During the day I admired everything except my kitchen sink
full of dishes. See, that is another thing. If I can't admire it, then
I have to FIX IT so I can admire it. Clean up! Put in order.
Order is beautiful. Especially when the things that are in order
are in themselves beautiful.
It wasn't all that long ago that I realized that I see things in a
way that most others do not. I PUT beauty there, I expect it to
be there. Therefore when I look at you, YOU are beautiful!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tree Most Exquisite

Posted by Picasa24" x 36" Oil Contact me for price

I thought you should see the finished
painting after showing you the earlier
stage of it. I have had a wonderful time
painting it because it took me back to
this lovely and romantic place, almost
like something out of a movie. It is
part of the grounds of a beautiful
Inn in southern Maryland.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Information on my working style

For some time now you have seen my more traditional oil painting style. It is realistic and based on the physical universe around me. I either work from life, or from photos that I take myself for the purpose of painting from them.

I haven't posted my abstract work until now because I wasn't interested in confusing anyone with the wide range of things I can do. It has been a more traditional view that an artist "should" develop something steady and recognizable as theirs and then pretty much stick to that. Well I just don't do that!

When I paint abstract work, it is much more demanding of me than traditional realism. EVERYTHING in the piece comes from ME! And so there is no relying on how it is in the "real" world, only relying and drawing on MY world. To do it, I have to be in really good communication with the harmonics that I have decided will govern the piece. Sometimes I have to let considerable time pass while I look at and let develop what I want and need to do next.

Let me know your views on this in the comments you can make on this blog! Thanks!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Magical Spaces II

Posted by Picasa24" x 36" Acrylic $600.

This is the other one of the pair that is at the

restaurant. When a work with metallic paint is

photographed, you do not get the shine. To the

right of this painting is an area that appears to be

grey, but in fact it is silver! And at the top right

is an slash of gold! So you will just have to imagine

how it really is, or ask me for the name of the

restaurant and go see it yourself!

Magical Spaces I

Posted by Picasa24" x 36" Acrylic $600.

This is one of the pair that is hanging in the restaurant

I told you about yesterday! It has gold and silver

as the 'undercoat' and that adds a certain extra

something when you see it in different lights.

I would love to know your response as this is

not the usual thing that I post. I do abstracts

from time to time and have developed a way of

getting the effects I want in a variety of ways I

have invented.

Photograph of my work at local restaurant

Posted by PicasaI have had my work on display at an Italian
restaurant in my town for over eight years. It
is privately-owned and so the care and interest in
my work has been good in comparison to a franchise
sort of operation. The two center paintings are mine.
I show my work with an artist friend and her two
pieces are on either end. Tomorrow I will post
close-ups of my paintings shown here.