Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Information on my working style

For some time now you have seen my more traditional oil painting style. It is realistic and based on the physical universe around me. I either work from life, or from photos that I take myself for the purpose of painting from them.

I haven't posted my abstract work until now because I wasn't interested in confusing anyone with the wide range of things I can do. It has been a more traditional view that an artist "should" develop something steady and recognizable as theirs and then pretty much stick to that. Well I just don't do that!

When I paint abstract work, it is much more demanding of me than traditional realism. EVERYTHING in the piece comes from ME! And so there is no relying on how it is in the "real" world, only relying and drawing on MY world. To do it, I have to be in really good communication with the harmonics that I have decided will govern the piece. Sometimes I have to let considerable time pass while I look at and let develop what I want and need to do next.

Let me know your views on this in the comments you can make on this blog! Thanks!

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Pam said...

Hi. Looks like we're on parallel paths. I think you've been doing some abstract painting longer than I have, but here's some of mine and my words on it at my blog: dear artist.