Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Artist's Life - What it is

First I admit to being influenced to consider this subject and
share it with all of you. My friend at www.thepaintedjournal.com
is my inspiration on this, and she got hers from yet another
artist-blogger. I so love the grand influence we have on each
other as artists.
My artist's life begins in the mornings with me coming into
my office with my bedhead and smeared mascara. BUT what I
get to look at on a sunny day as my computer boots up is the sparkle
of prisms moving all over my walls which are red and yellow- shades
of those colors very carefully chosed to energize me when I am doing
the dreaded UN-artistic paper work that never ends. I have a solar
powered crystal that turns when the sun shines in my window and
the walls are a moving delight of colors. Sometimes I imagine there
could be a planet with OTHER colors than what we have, but then
my brain explodes with the effort of imagining that and I stop.
Basically, I look for what is beautiful. I look for it ALL THE TIME.
That is my point of view. I see it everywhere because it IS
everywhere. Of course one has to have that realization in order
to see it.
Last night, on the way back from picking up paintings I had in
a show, the moon was out and nearly full. OOOOOOOOOOOH.
Glorious moon. On the way over to the place, the moon was in a
twilight sky that was a delicate barely-blue fading into rose, then
grey at the horizon. Then as I returned home, it was just this big
ivory mottled face of the moon in the dark sky. Beautiful.
During the day I admired everything except my kitchen sink
full of dishes. See, that is another thing. If I can't admire it, then
I have to FIX IT so I can admire it. Clean up! Put in order.
Order is beautiful. Especially when the things that are in order
are in themselves beautiful.
It wasn't all that long ago that I realized that I see things in a
way that most others do not. I PUT beauty there, I expect it to
be there. Therefore when I look at you, YOU are beautiful!

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