Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cat painting nearly done!

Several posts back, I showed you the sketch on

canvas for this painting. Since then I worked on

it at a demonstration I gave a few weeks ago.

She needs a bit more tweaking with whiskers

added and some attention to the pillow, but then

that is it! What shall I call it? "Here's looking

at you"?!


Leslie Saeta said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and website! The newsletter I created is with Constant Contact and I love it. I will send out all of the new additions to my mailing list a copy so you will get it in the next few days.
I love your art and blog. Good job!

Artsy said...

That would be a good title! Great contrast of that delightful cat with the textured backdrop on the left!
What medium did you use for this piece? I don't work in oil like you do. My pet portraits are rendered in oil pastel or pastel.