Sunday, July 6, 2008

ART started this friendship!

This photo is a memento of a passage of life.
Here the two of us have just finished a farewell
dinner. My dear friend of over 20 years, Lori Puente,
is moving across the country in just a matter of a week
or two.
We first met at a festival in the town we both lived
in then. I was demonstrating my art, and she wanted
art lessons. She took them and in those initial days
of contact, we became fast friends. Now she has
grown children and she and her husband are going
west where he has a new job and they will have many
new challenges to meet. I have total certainty that
all of them will be met with her amazing ablility. It
just will be hard to know I can't pop in the car and
drive over to see her.

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