Monday, June 4, 2007

Summer Idyll by the Potomac

5" x 7" Oil SOLD
Posted by PicasaMid-summer along the canal that
skirts the Potomac River is a place of
peace and quiet. It is one of those
amazing places set aside right where
a big city is that is a sanctuary for its
residents. I have spent many days
and years walking this path.
My small paintings are all in various
stages, but here is the first completed
one since I have been absent from
this site!


Emm said...

I was delighted when I clicked on the image and got the enlarged version! This painting has a wonderful Monet like quality and the water is beautifully painted.

Lynne said...

Dear Emm,
Thank you SO much for such a marvelous compliment regarding the water and Monet! I feel so validated!