Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer lilypond photos

Three for price of one click to my blog! I have
always loved water ponds. I have a friend who
has done an awesome job of making one from scratch.
Dug it all out, then laid the heavy plastic and filled it
with beautiful fish and plants. This pond is at the
park that is across the lake from me. I have to
drive about 5 miles around 'Robin Hood's barn'
as my Dad used to say, to get to its entrance!
Anyway, click on these to see the wonders up
close! Oh my gosh! I just looked at the first photo
and for the first time I saw the frog on the pad!
Now that is like getting dessert after a meal that
was already delicious! Enjoy! Maybe you'll find
something else I didn't see!

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