Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guitarist with background re-done

I decided to put a setting around him, but you
can see from the first 'real' background, that this
one is invented, using elements from the actual
background in which he was performing. It's
called artistic license! And I am much happier
with this. It still isn't done, but is much closer
to a final product than it was. How do you like
the flames showing? I put them there to express
the sense of warmth and affinity he has in his
playing. The guitar still needs work as you see!
No strings!


Don Gray said...

Your guitarist is popping out in startling 3D! Moving in a good direction, I think.

Lynne said...

Hi Don,
Thank you so much. I have done more finishing work on it, still a little more to do and then I will post it again.
I really appreciate your comment about the 3-D nature of it. Of course you would know it is all about the light and capturing it correctly!