Monday, November 22, 2010

"I Concentrate on You"

"I concentrate on you" is an old song. It is one of
the cuts on one of my friend Carey's albums, and
since this is a painting of him, it seemed the perfect
title. His beloved and gorgeous custom-made
guitar makes beautiful music with his accomplished
fingers and phrasing! He concentrates on that jewel
of an instrument.
I worked on this painting over many months and
almost hated to finish it because it was a constant
reminder of the beautiful music Carey creates and
painting it reminded me of his favored tunes from
the 30s and 40s. My favorite era too....though it
was really my parent's music!
I altered the background somewhat so that it
complimented him more that what was actually
there in that room. I added the fire to show more
of the warm heart of his music and his love for it.
It is an oil painting on a panel. 18" x 24". Please
do comment here and let me know what you think.


Don Gray said...

Lynne, this is beautifully done...shows a lot of love and care...I can almost hear that guitar!

Lynne said...

Thank you Don. You really 'got' it. The first title I had for it was "Love". But I was thinking of my friend and his relationship with his guitar and his music. But of course MY love is in there too.